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What is the 2019 Photo Challenge? Check out my blog post (posting tomorrow!) to find out!

Welcome! If you’re here, you either 1. are a film photographer, or 2. have an interest in it. Film photography is not a lost art, it is an art that has been forgotten by many, but in some ways, is thriving. Many of us would agree- we are pioneers to the endless possibilities of photography!

I first got into film photography by accident, I thought that the photo club would be about digital photography! Before then, I had never heard of anyone who continued to grow within this art, and within 3 weeks, I had fallen in love with it.

Fall in love with black & white photography again, just peruse through my galleries or read my blog! Keep scrolling to see the latest post! 🙂

“The Bleeding Tree”
“Spice Jars”
“Spring Flowers”
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